Ferrari Virtual Race 2009

Ferrari Virtual Race 2009

Year: 2009
Genre: Racing
Developer: Synetic
Language: English only
Platform: PC
Size: 80mb
Specs:Minimum specifications

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP with at least Service Pack 2 or Vista with Service Pack 1
DirectX® 9.0c (June 2008)
Processor: AMD® Athlon 64 3200 or Intel Pentium®4 3.2GHz or better
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Hard drive: 500 MB free HD space
Video card: DirectX 9.0c compatible with at least 256Mb memory
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX Version 9.0c
Supported video cards: AGP 8x or PCI Express
* ATI® Radeon® X800 or better
* nVidia® GeForce® 6600 GT or better
with at least Shadermodel 2.0 and Hardware T and L
Not compatible with integrated video devices, laptops in particular.

Recommended specifications

Processor: AMD® Athlon 64 x2 4800 or Intel® Core2 2GHz or better
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
ATI® Radeon® 3850 or better
nVidia® GeForce® 8800GT or better

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DriveSentry | 50.86 MB
DriveSentry - Free next-generation protection for your data system. DriveSentry takes a new approach to traditional security software providing clear, reliable protection from harmful threats. DriveSentry uses whitelisting technology, combined with one of the largest blacklists of known viruses and the Council for a real-time from the Advisor Community DriveSentry, to provide protection.

DriveSentry - will allow you to work on the Internet with confidence and without fear.

What's new in this version:
Features of version Support Center Windows Security; new intuitive menu front end, lower memory footprint.

Operating system:
Windows Server 2003 x86 R2
Windows Vista
Windows XP SPAIN 2
Windows XP SPAIN 1
Windows XP Pro
Windows 2003 SPAIN 1
Windows 2000 SPAIN 4
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows 2000
32-bit Windows Vista
32-bit Windows 2003
Windows XP 32-bit

US,EU,RU,Canada Downloads
Download Here

PHI and Rest of the World
Download Here

Talking E-mail v4.06

Talking E-mail v4.06 | 6.66 MB

Talking E-Mail is a highly customizable, super cool E-mail notifier that enables you to listen to your incoming messages as they arrive, via animated characters.

Talking E-Mail is a highly customizable, super cool E-mail notifier that enables you to listen to your incoming messages as they arrive, via animated characters.
It includes a built-in configuration wizard that will have you listening to your E-mail in no time, and requires no special hardware other than a standard sound card.
Talking E-mail has tons of features allowing you to specify which exact information you wish to listen to and how it is going to be presented. For example, you can decide which character will read you e-mail, it’s position on your desktop, which animations or sounds to play and much more.

v4.06 Features:

* Reads your incoming e-mail messages as soon as they arrive.
* Allows you to add Talking Reminders and help you remember important events, tasks or anything else.
* Features a Talking Clock that will announce the time on regular intervals (fully customizable)
* Allows you to listen to Web pages, documents or any other text using the Talking Clipboard feature.
* A powerful rules system allows you to specify how to handle different e-mail messages.
* Tons of customization options which allow you to control how the talking character behaves, which animations it uses, the sounds it makes and much more.

US,EU,RU,Canada Downloads
Download Here

PHI and Rest of the World
Download Here

O&O Format Recovery v4.0.719

O&O Format Recovery v4.0.719 | 5.53 MB
With the new O&O FormatRecovery V4, O&O offers the ultimate supplement to the already impressive line of data recovery products and this nicely rounds off the products available in this range. O&O FormatRecovery V4, guided by an on-screen Assistant, enables the recovery of deleted or formatted partitions or hard disks to their pre-deletion form. File and directory information is likewise restored. By use of a specially developed algorithm, O&O FormatRecovery V4 can search for files through formatted or deleted disks and restore them even when the data are heavily fragmented! In contrast to O&O UnErase V4 and O&O DiskRecovery V4, O&O FormatRecovery V4 can also restore files with missing directories and configuration information.

v4.0.719 Features:
- Recovery of files and directories
- Supports all Windows file systems on all Windows recognized storage media
- Recovery of empty directories and files
- Recovery of hidden or system data including file attributes
- Assistant-guided operation
- Specially developed search algorithm to recover entire data storage media

Download Here

PHI and Rest of the World
Download Here

Short Kut - The Con is On - 2009 - 320KBPS - CDRIPS - MP3 - HQ - VBR

Short Kut - The Con is On (2009)

Director :: Neeraj Vora & Roshan Andrews
Music Director :: Shankar Mahadevan,Ehsaan Noorani & Loy Mendonca
Lyricis :: Javed Akhtar
Movie Cast :: Akshaye Khanna, Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao, Simi Garewal,Sanjay Dutt
MP3 Bitrate:: 320Kbps (VBR)

-= TrackList =-

01 - Patli Galli - Shankar Mahadevan
02 - Mareeze Mohabbat - Nikita Nigam, Kirti Sagathia, Hrishikesh & Shankar
03 - Kyun Hota Hai Dil Deewana - Javed Ali & Shreya Ghosal
04 - Kal Nau Baje - Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik
05 - Patli Galli (Remix) - Shankar Mahadevan
06 - Mareeze Mohabbat (Remix) - Nikita Nigam, Kirti Sagathia, Hrishikesh & Shankar
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Kal Kisne Dekha

Kal Kissne Dekha (2009) 1CD PDVDRip Xvid Esubs [Mirrors + Direct Links]

Kal Kissne Dekha (2009) 1CD PDVDRip Xvid Esubs [Mirrors + Direct Links]


Kal Kissne Dekha (2009) 1CD PDVDRip Xvid Esubs [Mirrors + Direct Links]

Kal Kissne Dekha (2009) 1CD PDVDRip Xvid Esubs [Mirrors + Direct Links]

Download :

Split Links :

Rapidshare :

Subs :

Hotfile :

Subs :

Egoshare :

Subs : :

Subs :

Single Links :

Megaupload :

Adrive :

2shared :

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Download Cyber Cafe Pro v5.25

CyberCafePro internet cafe software is designed for Cyber Cafe owners of who need to control, charge for, and report on the use of computers for gaming, Internet access or any program usage for up to 200 computers. Purchase package includes Server and Client software. CC Pro easily block local drives or any other window that you wish your customer not to have access to.Customize all programs, buttons, backgrounds, colors, sounds, and rates for the client interface, as well as languages for both the server and the client software (Language Module Editor available to create your own language).

A Print Manager add-on is now available. HTML sales reports can be generated, viewed, exported, and printed from any browser. All employee activities and sales are logged to help protect your profits and the integrity of your cafe.Cyber Cafe Pro - Internet Cafe Software Designed to manage any internet cafe, cyber cafe,gaming center,hostel,library, computer area, lan house or any timed computer atmosphere.

Cyber Cafe Pro internet cafe software manages, times, secures, inventories and administrates your business. A full 160 item Point-of-Sale System (Printer, Cash Drawer & Touch Screen ready) ensures you do not have to spend extra money on expensive point-of-sale software.

Download Cyber Cafe Pro v5.25

Haacckers Tool Set 45 Haaccking Tools

Hackers Tool Set 45 Hacking Tools

IMC Grahams Trojan
IMC Ice Dragon
Myspace Password Cracker
IMC Myspace Phisher
Ultra Surf
Rapid Share *** Gen
MSN Nudge Madness
Ice Reloaded MSN Freezer
IMC Handbook
Lord PS
Hoax Toolbox
IMC Word List
Blues Port Scanner
Bandook RAT v1.35
Project Satan 2.0
EES binder v1.0
File Injector v3
Remote Desktop Spy v4.0
Passive Terror v1.3 Final Edition
Dyn-DL (Dynamic downloader)
Silent Assassin v2.0
Net Scan Tools v4.2
Rocket v1.0
NStealth HTTP Security Scanner v5.8
Attack Toolkit v4.1 & source code included
Legion NetBios Scanner v2.1
Battle Pong
TeraBIT Virus Maker v2.8
p0kes WormGen 2.0
JPS Virus Maker
IRC Ban Protection
IRC Mega Flooder
FTP Brute Hacker
RAR Password Cracker
Vbulletin 3.6.5 Sql Injection Exploit
IPB 2-2.1.5 Sql Injection Exploit
IPB 2-2.1.7 Exploit
Cain & Abel v4.9.3
NetStumbler 0.4.0
Cryptor 1.2
VNC Crack
Mutilate File Wiper 2.92
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See Password 2.05

See Password 2.05

Rapidshare Premium Link Generator 2009

Rapidshare Premium Link Generator 2009

* premium Links
* Stream download system
* Unlimited downloads
* Fast download
* Easy Layout
* No 5kb files
* Donation system
* Open slots: 2AM to 10PM ( ~ Amsterdam time)

So here is The Website

(E)Lephant, Automatic download from RS, MU, NL+ share hosts!

Home Page:

What is the (E)Lephant?!
The (E)Lephant is a share manager for share hosts, unlike emule and other
sharing managers that deals with direct tcp-ip interactions between users
the (E)Lephant uses share hosts services (like for the download.

Why do we refer to it as a 'share' manager
And not a 'download' manager one may ask, the simple answer is that the (E)Lephant
also allows users to post/exchange download links using our '(E)Uploader'.

Of course a wide searching ability in our database is possible and just
like the other share managers one can just double click his preferred
search entry to add it to the download queue!

Unfortunately to provide users with the above mentioned abilities the (E)Lephant system must require an e-mail based registration, it's easy and it is absolutely 100% free!!!
** Downloading, however, isn't restricted to registered users only!

Periodically the (E)Lephant also gives away treats such as free premium accounts for our most active users.
Read more about it in the (E)events section.

The (E)Lephant supports direct download from the following hosts:
Supported hosts:

# [] (+ premium support! +resume.)
# [MU] (+ captcha auto-decryption + Resume support! + premium support!)
# [GS] (+ captcha auto-decryption + Resume support!)
# [FF]
# [FY] (+ Resume support!)
# [DF]
# [SS]
# [NL] (+ captcha auto-decryption)
# [EZ]
# [ES] captcha auto-decryption)
# [UT]
# [YT] (+ .flv to .mp3 auto-conversion)
# [GS]
# [AD]
# [BD]
# [2S]
# [ZS]
# [HF]
# [UB]
# [SP]
# [SO]
# [NG]
# [LB]
# [VP] (Unlimited, BackDoor!)
# [MF]
# [EU]
# [HF]
# [FZ]


Download the latest version: (.exe portable)


Download the latest version: (.rar portable)


Download the latest version: (.ace portable)




Title................................: X-Men 2: United
Director.............................: Bryan Singer
Release year.........................: 2003
Runtime..............................: 133 min
Genre................................: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller




Download AutoCAD Mechanical 2009

AutoCAD Mechanical 2009

AutoCAD Mechanical 2009
AutoCAD Mechanical 2009 Full ISO

AutoCAD Mechanical software, a purpose-built design and drafting application, offers significant productivity gains over basic AutoCAD software by simplifying complex mechanical design work. With standards-based libraries of parts and tools for automating design tasks, AutoCAD Mechanical accelerates the mechanical design process. Gain a competitive edge by saving countless hours of design and rework, so you can spend time innovating rather than managing workflow issues. AutoCAD Mechanical provides innovative design and drafting tools that are wholly focused on ease-of-use for the AutoCAD user.

3.5 GB | Rapidshare

Download AutoCAD Mechanical 2009 Full ISO From Rapidshare


Download Real Desktop 1.4

Real Desktop 1.4

Real Desktop 1.49 Standard

Real Desktop gives your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphic rendition on your desktop. Let enchant you of this fascinating adventure and enter into a living three-dimensional world. Your icons behave now, thanks to the powerful physics engine, like real objects that you can touch and move as on a real desk.

8 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload

Real Desktop 1.49 Standard

Download From Rapidshare

Download From Megaupload

Download Stardock ObjectDock Plus 1.9

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 1.9

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 1.9

ObjectDock is a program that enables users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Dock.

12.5 MB | Rapidshare

Download From Rapidshare

Download Alladin: Nasira's Revenge

Click the image to open in full size.

With the wicked Jafar's awful attacks finally over and done with, the people of Agrabah were finally beginning to feel safe again. Just when the coast seemed clear, however, Jafar's Twin sister, Nasira, declared revenge for the defeat of her brother. Now, it's up to Aladdin to free his friends, Princess Jasmine and the Sultan, from a deadly spell before time runs out. Unfortunately, that's not going to be so easy. Capturing the same ancient relics that unfortunately will free the evil Jafar can only break the spell that Nasira has cast! Filled with action-packed levels and tough-as-nails enemies, NASIRA'S REVENGE is based on Disney's popular ALADDIN films. You'll find yourself swinging on vines, taking magic carpet rides, trying out a host of mini-games, and using an interesting assortment of weaponry (everything from apples to fire daggers) before all is said and done on this detailed homage to a time-loved story.


Pass :
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Download Accelerator v9.21 Premium Edition

Extreme acceleration, powerful privacy features, and advanced downloading tools.
All these features are included in this single download Accelerator
Unleash the full power of DAP! Download files with Extreme Acceleration, downloading with up to ten connections at once. DAP Premium provides the fastest possible download speeds.
DAP Premium gives you powerful download tools. Use ZIP Preview to view and extract ZIP files as you download; Password Manager stores your download passwords to keep things simple.
With DAP Premium you will receive priority Gold Support so you will always have the help you need. You will also receive one year of SpeedBit Upgrade Coverage so you will always have the most up to date version of DAP.


*Extreme Acceleration
Receive the fastest possible download speeds, with up to 10 simultaneous download connections.

*File Shredder
Keep your privacy by completely shredding and destroying files that you no longer want.

*Trace Cleaner
Remove all download traces from your computer so your downloads will always stay confidential.

*Private Folder
Lock and hide your downloads in a password protected folder that only you can access.

*ZIP Preview
Open individual files within a ZIP archive, even before it has finished downloading.

*Ad Free
Upgrade to DAP Premium today, and start downloading faster without advertisements.

*Advanced FTP
Access multiple FTP sites simultaneously, browse and view remote files, and download multiple files from one FTP source.

*Gold Support
Get the help and answers you need fast, with priority support for DAP Premium users.

File Size: 10.29Mb




Runway (MP3 - 2009)


01. Runway - Khuda Ke Liye
02. Runway - Teri Yaadein Leke Dil Mein
03. Runway - Roshan Dil Ka Jahan
04. Runway - Pyaasi Machuriya
05. Runway - Roshan Dil Ka Jahan (Dance Mix)
06. Runway - Teri Yaadein (Remix)
07. Runway - Khuda Ke Liye (Remix)

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Love Aaj Kal (2009) Theme Song (Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone)

Its a Movie Starring Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan...


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Jashnn (2009)-HQ-320kbps-Mp3's

Track List:

01 - KK & Shreya Ghoshal - Nazrein Karam

02 - KK - Aaya Re

03 - Nouman Javaid - Dard-E-Tanhai

04 - Shaan & Shreya Ghoshal - Tere Bin

05 - Nouman Javaid - Main Chala

06 - Toshi & Sharib - Aish Karle

07 - KK & Shreya Ghoshal - Nazrein Karam (Kilogram Mix)

08 - Nouman Javaid - Dard-E-Tanhai (Kilogram Mix)

09 - Nouman Javaid - Main Chala (Unplugged)



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Kambakkht Ishq | 2009 | MP3 | 320 Kbps

Director : Sabbir Khan
Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala
Cast : Akhsya Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani & Amrita Arora
Music Director : Rdb, Anu Malik & Sulaiman Merchant
Lyricist/s : Rdb, Anvita Dutt Guptan & Sabbir Khan
Cassettes and CD's on : Eros Music Records
Singers : Rdb, Neeraj Shridhar, Alisha Chinoy, K K, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Shreya Ghosal, Eric Pillai & Anushka Manchandani
Audio Release Date : June 2009
MP3 Bitrate : 320Kbps VBR (~)

Tracklist :

01 - RDB - Om Mangalam
02 - Neeraj Shridhar - Lakh Lakh
03 - Alisha Chinai - Bebo
04 - KK & Sunidhi Chauhan - Kambakkht Ishq
05 - Shaan & Shreya Ghoshal - Kyun
06 - RDB - Om Mangalam (Reprised)
07 - Neeraj Shridhar - Lakh Lakh (Electro Dhol House Mix)
08 - Alisha Chinai - Bebo (Club Mix)
09 - KK & Sunidhi Chauhan - Kambakkht Ishq (Remix)
10 - Shreya Ghoshal - Kyun
11 - Karsh Kale & Anushka Manchanda - Welcome To Hollywood

Individual Links:
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Kal Kissne Dekha 1CD PDvd Rip
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