Mars To Earth | PC | Rip Game | Rs link | 122 Mb

Mars To Earth PC Rip Game

Mars To Earth | PC | Rip Game | Rs link | 122 Mb
Winguel is an alien from Mars, that like to have fun. Walking on the
Martians mountains, Winguel found one of the human rovers, that are
exploring that planet.

Surprised, Winguel figures that the equipment should
be from humans, and decide to return it. Winguel keep your starship and
start the trip to Earth.

Nearing from Earth, Winguel's ship is detected on the radars of WUC (World
UFO Control), and they decide to attack, since they don't know exactly what
is the alien's intention. A WUC missile hit Winguel's ship, that fell on
several parts.

You need to help Winguel to recover his spaceship's pieces, then our alien
friend can return home safely. Solving all the games you will recover all
the ships' pieces. But it won't be easy, since the WUC agents are guarding
the parts and had installed several traps to catch Winguel.
Installation Notes

1. unrar with WinRAR 3.x into a directory of your choice.
2. Extract game files with 'setup.bat'.
3. Play the game with 'winguel.exe'.

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