O&O Format Recovery v4.0.719

O&O Format Recovery v4.0.719 | 5.53 MB
With the new O&O FormatRecovery V4, O&O offers the ultimate supplement to the already impressive line of data recovery products and this nicely rounds off the products available in this range. O&O FormatRecovery V4, guided by an on-screen Assistant, enables the recovery of deleted or formatted partitions or hard disks to their pre-deletion form. File and directory information is likewise restored. By use of a specially developed algorithm, O&O FormatRecovery V4 can search for files through formatted or deleted disks and restore them even when the data are heavily fragmented! In contrast to O&O UnErase V4 and O&O DiskRecovery V4, O&O FormatRecovery V4 can also restore files with missing directories and configuration information.

v4.0.719 Features:
- Recovery of files and directories
- Supports all Windows file systems on all Windows recognized storage media
- Recovery of empty directories and files
- Recovery of hidden or system data including file attributes
- Assistant-guided operation
- Specially developed search algorithm to recover entire data storage media

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