NewYork (2009) 1CD PDVDRip

Codec............: xvid
Container........: AVI
Resolution.......: 608 x 256
Video Bitrate....: 623 kbps
Audio Language...: Hindi
Run Time.........: 02:09:00
Audio............: mp3 @ 128 Kbps, 2 Channels (fixed audio)
Framerate........: 23.976 fps


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DAZ 3D DAZ Studio Advanced

DAZ 3D DAZ Studio Advanced | 100 MB
DAZ Studio Advanced provides advanced hobbyists and professional artists with the features needed to bridge the gap between art and reality. This is accomplished with added render enhancements allowing the artist to control the how, what, and where of rendering. These enhancements in combination with new features will have you rendering like never before. New features include; Figure Mixer, Morph Follower, Shader Builder, Shader Mixer, Shader Baking, aniMate Lite, Map Transfer, and 64-Bit capabilities.
What's Included & Features

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced
Advanced Shaders and Effects - DAZ Studio now includes HDRI, IBL, Ambient Occlusion, Area Lights, Volumetrics, Velvet, Indirect Lighting, Translucency, Layered Anisotropic Specularity, and Sub-Surface Scattering. Special thanks to omnifreaker.
UberEnvironment 2 (by: omnifreaker)

Image Based Lighting (IBL)
High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI)
Global Illumination (GI)
Indirect Lighting
Color Bleeding
Ambient Occlusion
UberSurface (by: omnifreaker)
Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS)

Layered Anisotropic Specularity (hair)
UberArea Lights (by: omnifreaker)
UberVolume [Fog/Smoke] (by: omnifreaker)
Scripted Renderer - Gain full control of the rendering process. If you're into scripting and are

familiar with the RenderMan API, this is for you.
Shader Mixer (Advanced Material Editor) - Mix and match over 90 included shader bricks (or design your own) to create custom lights, cameras, and surfaces within a simple node network for amazing render effects.
Figure Mixer - Now you can blend between different figures to create your own unique figures.

This tool will not only blend two or more shapes together, but it will also provide a working joint rig and preserve the original morphs of the figure you started from.
Morph Follower - This feature allows you to add support for new figures in old clothing by automatically creating new morphs to fit an unsupported shape.
64-Bit for Windows - This functionality not only makes things go faster, it expands memory support, and allows large scenes to be arranged and rendered much easier.

Map Transfer - This allows you to convert a texture from one figure's UV's so they can be used on another figure's UV's.
Shader Builder - Built for advanced artists who need a deeper level of control and want to create shaders from scratch.
Shader Baker - Bake surface shaders, bump maps, displacement maps, and textures into a single image-based texture for a final-render look straight out of the box. You can then share or sell to other users who may not have the same advanced shaders you use to make it look its best.
Animation Keyframe Editor - Now you can easily see where your keyframes are. Add, delete, copy, paste and/or move your keyframes around with great visual feedback. Special thanks to GoFigure!.

DAZ Studio 3 (core)
Improved Render Engine - DAZ Studio is now compatible with version 8.5 of the powerful 3Delight render engine. Improved performance and memory management reduce render times and handle heavy, complex scenes like never before.
COLLADA Import/Export - Now you can export figures, conforming clothing, morphs, and scenes into Carrara 7.

aniMate Lite - Create animations by dragging and stacking aniBlocks into a timeline. You can also crop, split or combine aniBlocks and/or create completely new sequences. Special thanks to GoFigure!.
Visual Helpers for Cameras and Lights - Provides visual cues for the spread angle and falloff of your spotlights, as well as the limits of your camera's depth of field. Special thanks to Dreamlight.
Selection/Bounding Box Display - Change the opacity, size, color, and length of the selection bounding boxes.

Render Album - Store recent image renders in an album format, which can then be loaded into the Render Editor to perform various editing functions on the image. The editor provides options for blending two images, adjusting colors, comparing images, and applying filters without having to open a separate paint program.
Visible in Render - Added support for whether or not a node's geometry is visible in render without the need to make surfaces transparent.

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Real Spy Monitor 2.91

Real Spy Monitor v2.91
Real Spy Monitor can monitor all PC activity including keystrokes typed, web sites visited, windows opened, program executed, screen snapshots, files/docs accessed and more. It can also record instant messenger conversations including AOL, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and capture web mail content from MSN, Hotmail, and Yahoo. The program can run in semi-stealth mode (visible in Task Manager) and automatically send logs to a specified email address.
Key Features Powerful logging features: Keystrokes typed - Record all keystrokes typed that include username ( who typed them ), time ( what time user typed them ), windows title ( which windows they were pressed in ) Websites visited - Record all websites title, websites address, time ( what time user visited them) ,username ( who visited them ) Windows viewed - Capture every windows title that were active, including username, time, application pathname ( the pathname where the application is ) Program executed - Track every application/executable filename and its pathname including the time user start/terminate application. Screen snapshots - Automatically captures screen shots of the desktop or active window at set intervals. Files/Docs accessed - Record the filenames and its pathnames that were accessed by user, including username and time ( what time user accessed them) Powerful Report feature All logs that was recorded will be listed in "Report Form". In this "Report Form", You can select the log you want to view, find the important information in large numbers of logs ( Find feature ), clear up the useless and unnecessary logs, make your own Log-Report with HTML File Format, execute all recorded application, audio file, flash file, picture file, video file etc. Content filtering feature Application filtering - You can select any executable file in your hard disk and block them from execution by your children or employee or someone else. Websites filtering - You can enter a full website address or you can also enter a keyword that any websites containing in filtering list box. Once the Internet explorer address box contained them, your Internet explorer will be closed. Also you can allow only the URLs and keywords that were listed to be accessed. Perfect Security feature Stealth Capabilities - Run Real Spy Monitor in total stealth mode, it even can not be found in task list under Win9x system. ( the user will not know that it is running! ) Windows Startup Configuration - Load Real Spy Monitor on windows startup for a single user or all users ( perfect for multiple users of a PC ) Active Mode - Real Spy Monitor will already be monitoring when it is started. Access Password Protection - Only the master of this product can be allowed to start/stop monitoring while it is running. Stealth mode notice - inform user of the PC that Real Spy Monitor is going be running in stealth mode, and remind you the hotkeys to bring Real Spy Monitor out of stealth mode. Email log delivery feature Real Spy Monitor can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring! You can set your own email subjects and select what type of logs you are ready to send. We have set a default ISP Mail Host that supports SMTP feature for you. Of course you can also set you own Mail Host that supports SMTP feature to send recorded logs for you. User and PC actions time tracking Real Spy Monitor will ALWAYS ( Real Time ) logs the current Windows user, the time and date for every PC actions. Automatic log clear up Real Spy Monitor can automatically clear up unnecessary or outdate logs from machine to save your disk space after a certain amount of data have been logged. Easy to use and Friendly interface The interface was redesigned with a really easy-to-use user-friendly interface. Some small bugs were eliminated in this version. What's New in Real Spy Monitor Build 2.91: New Updates: 1 Reduces CPU occupancy to lower than 15% 2 Fixes the bug when it can't be loaded when Windows Startup 3 Hides application name of itself in Windows2000/XP 4 Fixes the bug on "e-mail delivery" 5 Supports to spy the newest version of MSN Messenger 6.1 6 Optimizes the code to avoid Unknown error 7 Redesigns all the graphic user interface; 8 Redesigns html report, see the example [Keystrokes] [Websites] 9 Html report supports to view snapshots directly 10 Save the html report with snapshots to local disk directly 11 Redesigns Messenger HTML report 12 Fixes the bug on Messenger HTML report delivery 13 Supports to remove/restore icon from Desktop, Start Menu, Add/Remove Program 14 Start Real Spy Monitor click on Start, Run, typed in "realspy" 15 If administrator remove the icon, the program cannot be uninstalled without password. 16 Adds a warning to user that they are monitored on start up. The text can be changed in the control panel by the administrator. 17 Adds a "Test Now" button to test whether the SMTP Mail Host works or not. 18 Supports nearly all the available SMTP mail hosts. 19 Reduces CPU occupancy to lower than 5% 20 Improve the function of "File/Doc Access", you can record all the file-operation now, such as create, delete, update files or folders etc. 21 Supports to close the splash warning in ten seconds automatically 22 Supports to deliver logs via FTP now! 23 Rewrite the core code to avoid "RUN-TIME ERROR" 24 Improve the uninstall program. 25 Rewrite the setup program and reduce the size of it. 26 Supports to delete all the logs in system when you uninstall the program. 27 Hides installing path to avoid to be found. 28 Fix the bug "Run time error '75':Pacht/File access error" for win2000&winXP user under NTFS disk 29 Rewrite the core code to support Windows XP SP2 30 Optimizes the code for win98 to avoid setacl.ocx missing error 31 Names logs as "rsm@date.html" format to deliver via FTP 32 Rewrites the core code to avoid being scanned as virus or spyware mistakenly. 33 Supports to spy the newest version of MSN Messenger 7.0 34 Supports to spy the newest explorer version IE7

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Windows Theme Pack 1

Windows Themes Pack 2

Fairy Lake Screensaver 1.1

Fairy Lake Screensaver 1.1

Want something spectacular to relax for a while?
Feel like going out to the forest? Afford yourself a little pleasure! Put this screensaver to your PC and you will find a magic world full of wonderful animals living on the shore of the fairy lake!Enchanting natural sounds will surround you and fill your world with wonders, happiness and surprises.

Raptor 2.2b

Raptor - this is the download manager of known file hostings such as,, ...

Simple and easy to use:
- user-friendly interface;
- supports list of downloads;
- Fast Update - check the availability of new versions of the program;

Start working with Raptor
There are several ways to start the download and you can use any of them.
- use the "Add Downloads" from the toolbar;
- using the "Add URL" in the main menu.

Work with a list of downloads
In the list of downloads are all files that are downloading or have been downloaded by Raptor.
- A list of downloads
- Selection of several elements in the list of downloads
- Dragging downloads with mouse and keyboard
- Context menu
- Status bar

Selection of several elements in the list of downloads
To improve the efficiency of the list of downloads, you can select several downloads at once. This is done by selecting the elements of the list when you press Ctrl or Shift. With several elements of the list, you can carry out operations against them just as well as over one element.
Dragging downloads with mouse and keyboard
After selection one or more elements from the list of downloads, you can easely drag them to any position. You can also move elements in the list using the shortcut Alt + "up-arrow" and Alt +"down-arrow ".
Context menu
After clicking the right mouse button on the element appears context menu from which you can conduct various transactions over the downloads. Depending on status of the download, some menu items may be unavailable.

Raptor - is download manager of a well-known file hosting Rapidshare.
There is no need to follow links, look for the correct button, wait parts to download.
Just add to the list of all links and choose the folder to save the files, the rest will be made automatically!

F4 - appears window "Add Download".
F5 - starts to download the selected file(s).
F6 - stops downloading of selected file(s).
Del - removes file(s) from the list of downloads.
Alt+Up - moves the element up in the list.
Alt+Down - moves the element down in the list.
Alt+F4 - closes the program.
Ctrl+C - copies the link to the clipboard.
Ctrl+V - inserts a link(s) from the clipboard to the window "Add Download".
Ctrl+A - selects all elements in the list.
F1 - appears window "User Manual".

Size : 2.4 MB









USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security | 5.3MB

USB Disk Security provides 100% protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB

drive. Compare USB Disk Security against other antivirus solutions, you will find out its highlights:

USB Disk Security provides 100% protection against any threats via USB drive, however, the majority of

other products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection.

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Wedding Album Maker Gold 3.02

Wedding Album Maker is an easy-to-use software which allows you to create an amazing wedding photo album with background music, Pan&Zoom and transition effects. With Wedding Album Maker, you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking wedding photo slideshow DVD disc and share your love story and excitement of your wedding day on home big screen TV with standard DVD player in the comfort of your living room.

Looking for slideshow software to share your lovely moments with family and friends? If so, you definitely need Wedding Album Maker. Sharing and viewing wedding photos in a slide show software format with friends and family has never been easier! With Wedding Album Maker, you can use your CD or DVD burner to make high quality photo slide show DVD disc in less than half an hour by yourself.

Features :

Create amazing DVD, VCD slideshows from your wedding photos, music - and burn them directly to a DVD or CD disc. Your family and friends can play your wedding slideshow discs on their TV with a DVD player, or on their computer. With Wedding Album Maker, you'll create personalized discs that are as easy to use as an ordinary DVD. With more than 260 transition effects, you can easily share your love story and excitement of your wedding day with your friends and family.

With a few minutes of work, you'll have an eye-catching slide show that will run on nearly any DVD players. Wedding Album Maker supports over 260 amazing transition effects with Pan&Zoom effect. It also supports Art-clips for each photo slide which adds amazing special effects for your wedding slideshow.

Amazing easy-to-use software helps you make wedding photo album and make photo video DVD disc playable on TV with DVD player.

If you are like most people these days, you've got thousands of digital photos stored on your PC and Flash cards. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily create a cool slide show and view it on your TV with family and friends.

Using this simple tool you can create multiple photo album collections, add transitions between your photos, add background music, and burn CD or DVD photo video discs playable on TV.

It's one of the most special days in your life. But the time leading up to it can be one of the most stressful. Now, you can enjoy your wedding photos on TV in your living room with your friends, family. You can share your memorable moments by sending your wedding DVD discs to your friends, family who cannot attend your wedding.


Wedding Album Maker is a perfect tool for creating great looking wedding DVDs from your wedding photo collection. Emphasizing a variety of slideshow design features and a host of imaginative themes, Wedding Album Maker goes further by adding image modification and enhancement tools to its software package. All these, combined with an already comprehensive burning utility, give you a faster, easier way to build and enjoy your wedding photo album creations.
Key features of Wedding Album Maker include:

No Experience Necessary
Wedding Album Maker is simply the easiest to use slideshow software. It is designed to be easy enough for anyone in the family to use. You can create dynamic wedding slideshows with just clicks: Add your photos, design your movie menu, and burn your disc. You will find that you can perform all tasks in the most natural and intuitive way.

All-in-One Wedding Photo Album Maker
There's no need for other CD or DVD burning software. Wedding Album Maker can do all from the beginning to the end to make a DVD slideshow. And, the whole steps are simple, fast and robust: the Burn-Proof ™ technique which makes the DVD burning procedure more robust than ever!

Lovely Music, Transition Effects
Burn your slideshow with DVD motion menus and transition effects to DVD and watch it on TV using your DVD player. The slideshow editor includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching photo presentations. Wedding Album Maker enables you to add your favorite wedding music for your wedding slide show. We provide some of the most visually elegant effects available in the market. You can even customize many of these effects, giving you a virtually infinite selection.

Highest Resolution Format On TV
Wedding Album Maker optimizes your digital photo and uses the Highest Resolution format which is supported by most DVD players. This technique makes photo look great on TV.

Professional Hollywood-style DVD Menu Templates
Wedding Album Maker features a library of professionally designed menu backgrounds and frames. Ranging from playful to professional, you're sure to find a background for any occasion.

Decorate Wedding Photos with Text and Arc Clips
The built-in What You See is What You Get photo editor makes it easy to add your own comments for your wedding photos. The position, font, color and shadow of the text are immediately shown with the photo. It also supports Art-clips for each photo slide which adds amazing special effects for your wedding slideshow.

Size : 22.4 MB


AMS Software Photo Effects Studio v2.15

Photo Effects Studio is a new program that will easily change your photos with the help of hundreds of unique filters. Professional photo effects are now available for everyone! Just select the necessary effect and enjoy the perfect result in a couple of seconds.The program allows you to add fantastic glows and fog, generate the effects of rain, snow, lightning and a starry night.... You will be able to create the effect of an old photo, pencil drawing, mosaic, engraving, book illustration and much more. Photo Effects Studio also includes a set of unique filters, for example, poker-work, cubism and photomontage.You will also be able to make your photos more stylish with the help of frames and masks and also add text and decorations. The program includes a large collection of classic and modern frames to any taste. They will add a final touch to your composition.A lot of effects, the possibility of their combination and also the comfortable interface of the program offer you limitless freedom for creative work!

Photo Effects Studio main features:

Comfortable and easy-to-use interface.
A wide choice of photo effects many of which are unique.
A lot of features for processing and decorating photos.
Thousands of filter combinations.
Completely secure order. Optional CD delivery.

Size : 23.3 MB


Luck [2009] [MP3 - VBR - 320Kbps]


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RunWay (2009) 1CD PDvD-Rip XviD AC3 Subs


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iPhone Unlock v3.0

iPhone Unlock v3.0

The iPhone hacker community is at it again! This time, it’s Zibri who just developed a program that will jailbreak, activate, and unlock brand new 4.6 bootloader iPhones (plus install, with the click of a button!




50 Themes DLC v2.0

50 Themes DLC v2.0 | 81 mB |

WinApp 50 beautiful themes for your computer! Click Download and click to install
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Super Mario Collection -12in1 COMPLETE COLLECTION

Games included:

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario 3

Super Mario Fusion

Luigi & The Golden Shrooms

Mario &
Sonic Flash

Mario Chameleon

Mario Worlds

Mario XP

Super Mario Bros

Mario 2.5D

Mario 64

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Love Aaj Kal | 2009 | MP3 | 320 Kbps |

Audio Codec: MPEG1 Layer III
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz;
Sample Size: 16 bit
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.98
Encoder Settings: Variable Bit Rate 320 kbps (Insane)
Audio Quality: Very High (Lossy)
Contains: Album Art, ID Tag [ID3v2.3 (ANSI) & ID3v1.1]
Channel Mapping: Left, Right

Track List:

01 - Twist

02 - Ye Dooriyan

03 - Chor Bazari

04 - Main Kya Hoon

05 - Aahun Aahun

06 - Ajj Din Chadheya

07 - Thoda Thoda Pyar

08 - Twist (Remix)

09 - Chor Bazari (Remix)

10 - Aahun Aahun (Remix)


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Disable and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen

When you log on to a non-genuine copy of Windows XP, the following notification error message "This copy of Windows is not genuine" will pop-up on the logon process.And the nicely said "You may be victim of software counterfeiting" message on the bottom right corner of log-in screen.

Microsoft allows WIndows faithfuls to have 2 options: Get Genuine or Resolve Later. Click on Resolve Later will temporarily bypass the notification and let you login into and use Windows nagged with notification icon and messages, which will randomly appear as balloon notification message with an icon in the notification area (system tray).Clicking on the balloon notification or the notification area icon will lead you to the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Failure Web page that contains the specifics of the validation failure and the steps that you can take to make the operating system genuine.
To get rid of the WGA notifications that intends to remind you that your Windows is not validated, you can buy a validly licensed copy of genuine Microsoft Windows.

First Method
1. Lauch Windows Task Manager.
2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
4. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
6. Lauch Regedit.
7. Browse to the following location:
Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
8. Delete the folder 'WgaLogon' and all its contents
9. Reboot Windows XP.
Note: With this method, you may be prompted to install WGA Notifications again which can still be unselected.

Second Method
Another alternative is by using System Restore to restore the PC to a previous restore point that WGA Notifications hasn't kicked in, and then carefully stop KB905474 from been applied to the system. To use System Restore, go to Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Systems Tools --> System Restore.
Note: Again, you may be prompted again to install WGA Notification, so it must be bypassed.

Third Method
This method involves using a cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll to replace the original copy of LegitCheckControl.dll, and thus bypass the WGA validation and make Microsoft believes that your copy of Windows is genuine. To get rid of WGA Notifications warning messages, the patched version of WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe to replace the existing files.
To apply the patch by replacing the files manually, try to end the respective processes in the Task Manager before deleting the existing files. Most likely is you will have to restart your PC in Safe Mode in order to replacing the original copy of LegitCheckControl.dll and related files. However, there has been automatic updater and even cracked WGA installer that automatically apply the patched version of WGA files.

10 Ka Dum [Full Season 2] All Episodes

10 Ka Dum [Full Season 2] All Episodes


10 Ka Dum - 30th May (S2E1) - HQ - XviD - Ft Kareena And Karishma Kapoor

10 Ka Dum - 6th June (S2E2) - HQ - XviD - Ft Deler Mehndi & Mika Singh

10 Ka Dum - 13th June (S2E3) - HQ - XviD - Ft Azarudhin, Darsheel & Tanney


10 Ka Dum - 30th May (S2E1) - HQ - XviD - Ft Kareena And Karishma Kapoor


10 Ka Dum - 6th June - HQ - XviD - Ft Deler Mehndi & Mika Singh


10 Ka Dum - 13th June (S2E3) - HQ - XviD - Ft Azarudhin, Darsheel & Tanney