(E)Lephant, Automatic download from RS, MU, NL+ share hosts!

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What is the (E)Lephant?!
The (E)Lephant is a share manager for share hosts, unlike emule and other
sharing managers that deals with direct tcp-ip interactions between users
the (E)Lephant uses share hosts services (like rapidshare.com) for the download.

Why do we refer to it as a 'share' manager
And not a 'download' manager one may ask, the simple answer is that the (E)Lephant
also allows users to post/exchange download links using our '(E)Uploader'.

Of course a wide searching ability in our database is possible and just
like the other share managers one can just double click his preferred
search entry to add it to the download queue!

Unfortunately to provide users with the above mentioned abilities the (E)Lephant system must require an e-mail based registration, it's easy and it is absolutely 100% free!!!
** Downloading, however, isn't restricted to registered users only!

Periodically the (E)Lephant also gives away treats such as free premium accounts for our most active users.
Read more about it in the (E)events section.

The (E)Lephant supports direct download from the following hosts:
Supported hosts:

# [RS.com] RapidShare.com (+ premium support! +resume.)
# [MU] MegaUpload.com (+ captcha auto-decryption + Resume support! + premium support!)
# [GS] GigaSize.com (+ captcha auto-decryption + Resume support!)
# [FF] FileFactory.com
# [FY] FileFlyer.com (+ Resume support!)
# [DF] DepositFiles.com
# [SS] SendSpace.com
# [NL] Netload.in (+ captcha auto-decryption)
# [EZ] Easy-Share.com
# [ES] EgoShare.com(+ captcha auto-decryption)
# [UT] Uploaded.to
# [YT] YouTube.com (+ .flv to .mp3 auto-conversion)
# [GS] GigaSize.com
# [AD] ADrive.com
# [BD] Badongo.com
# [2S] 2Shared.com
# [ZS] zShare.com
# [HF] HotFile.com
# [UB] UploadBox.com
# [SP] SpeedShare.org
# [SO] Share-Online.biz
# [NG] NetGull.com
# [LB] LetItBit.net
# [VP] VIP-File.com (Unlimited, BackDoor!)
# [MF] MediaFire.com
# [EU] EnterUpload.com
# [HF] HotFile.com
# [FZ] Filezzz.com


Download the latest version: (.exe portable)


Download the latest version: (.rar portable)


Download the latest version: (.ace portable)


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