Download Cyber Cafe Pro v5.25

CyberCafePro internet cafe software is designed for Cyber Cafe owners of who need to control, charge for, and report on the use of computers for gaming, Internet access or any program usage for up to 200 computers. Purchase package includes Server and Client software. CC Pro easily block local drives or any other window that you wish your customer not to have access to.Customize all programs, buttons, backgrounds, colors, sounds, and rates for the client interface, as well as languages for both the server and the client software (Language Module Editor available to create your own language).

A Print Manager add-on is now available. HTML sales reports can be generated, viewed, exported, and printed from any browser. All employee activities and sales are logged to help protect your profits and the integrity of your cafe.Cyber Cafe Pro - Internet Cafe Software Designed to manage any internet cafe, cyber cafe,gaming center,hostel,library, computer area, lan house or any timed computer atmosphere.

Cyber Cafe Pro internet cafe software manages, times, secures, inventories and administrates your business. A full 160 item Point-of-Sale System (Printer, Cash Drawer & Touch Screen ready) ensures you do not have to spend extra money on expensive point-of-sale software.

Download Cyber Cafe Pro v5.25
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