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With the wicked Jafar's awful attacks finally over and done with, the people of Agrabah were finally beginning to feel safe again. Just when the coast seemed clear, however, Jafar's Twin sister, Nasira, declared revenge for the defeat of her brother. Now, it's up to Aladdin to free his friends, Princess Jasmine and the Sultan, from a deadly spell before time runs out. Unfortunately, that's not going to be so easy. Capturing the same ancient relics that unfortunately will free the evil Jafar can only break the spell that Nasira has cast! Filled with action-packed levels and tough-as-nails enemies, NASIRA'S REVENGE is based on Disney's popular ALADDIN films. You'll find yourself swinging on vines, taking magic carpet rides, trying out a host of mini-games, and using an interesting assortment of weaponry (everything from apples to fire daggers) before all is said and done on this detailed homage to a time-loved story.


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