Process Library

Deep in the recesses of any computer, innumerable processes are running silently in the background. Some hog system resources, drastically slowing computers down; others harbour spyware and Trojans violating privacy and giving hackers free reign on compromised systems. is a free online resource for anyone who immediately wants to know the exact nature and purpose of every single process. This popular easy-to-use service is provided free-of-charge by Uniblue Systems. has grown to become the definitive reference point for anyone who needs comprehensive information on these processes. Explanations are accompanied by exhaustive advice on whether the processes are important for the stable and secure running of your system. The website also recommends if you should terminate processes or leave them untouched. already offers users its very own ProcessQuickLink that installs as a plug-in to the existing Windows Task Manager. This provides users with an information button next to each process running on their computer. The button activates a direct link to, and will provide relevant information, specific to the process, instantly in a new browser window. From November 2007 will be even better with substantial improvements added to its already impressive features. These include:

  • Thousands more processes added to the Library
  • More frequent process updates
  • Intelligent search to help users find what they want quickly
  • A new security threat rating system
  • More informative page content in an improved layout format for easier reference

With these improvements, will continue to remain the definitive industry reference point for all PC users.

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