Access Control

Control access to devices on a local computer.

DM Net Time and Watch
Control access to your computer

R-Crypto Disk Security 1.4 build 3322
Protect your personal data against unauthorized access

Free Hide Folder 2.3 build 20090701
Hide your private folders from others

Easy File Locker 1.1
Lock your files and folders to protect them from unauthorized access

Easy File Protector 5.0
Restrict access to your folders

Hide and Protect any Drives 2.8
Control software access to drives installed in your computer

Disk Drive Administrator 3.12
Control access and disable the autorun feature of your network, local, Floppy, and USB drives

ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 6.1
Password Management Solution for enterprises to control access to passwords

DVD Device Lock 2.8
Hide and control access to your removable media devices and hard disk partitions

AccessPatrol 3.1
Protect access to endpoint devices and prevent theft of company data

PHP girder 1.0
PHP classes used to add user authentication, Access Control Levels

Betfilter 1.045
Block all access to online gambling

Windows Security Officer
Control access to your PC

SUMO Access Manager 0.4.1
PHP security system that protect your web applications

DM Net Time & Watch Administrator
Control access to your computer

PHP Login Without MySql 1.1
This simple script is used to make an easy login script without the need for MySqL

Internet Password Lock 6.0
Control access to the Internet with passwords

ParentalControl Bar
helps concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented Web sites

Kid Patrol 1.0
Restrict the PC access for certain days and hours

Zamzom control 01.07.09
Block websites, copy desktop, log history, give you time and date of web history

Crab Access Control 2.0_b5
A simple access control app that intends to replace declarative jaas security in web.xml for web applications deployed on Jboss

SSH Access Manager 2.0.0-beta03
to easily establish and maintain an enterprise-wide SSH access security solution from a central location

1st Security Agent Pro 9.1
Protect your PC and control access to some features

Access Lock 3.3
Lock up your desktop when youre away from your computer

Virtual Flash Drive 3.30
Secure your important files from unauthorized access

SecureFM 10.0.0
Restrict access to FileMaker Pro menu items and functions

Hidetools Parental Control 3.64
Remotely monitor all computer activities. Restrict Internet and program access
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