Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4

Design, develop, and maintain standards-based websites and applications

Build world-class websites and applications with one of the industry's leading web authoring tools. Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 software is ideal for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.


Preview and test web content in half the time*

Slash the time required to check and preview code changes in half when you use Live View in Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 instead of previewing rendered pages in a separate browser.

Conveniently access the code and CSS styles you need

Click any file in the Related Files bar to simultaneously see its source in Code view and the parent page in Design view. Or use Code Navigator to quickly access CSS source code that affects your current selection.

Script faster with enhanced code hinting

Write JavaScript more efficiently with improved support for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. Put the extended coding functionality of Dreamweaver CS4 to work by incorporating popular JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

Add dynamic data without database or XML wrangling

Integrate the power of dynamic data into your web pages without struggling with databases or XML coding. Spry Data Sets recognize content in a simple HTML table as an interactive data source.

Update images fast with Photoshop Smart Objects

Insert Adobe Photoshop® (PSD) files as Smart Objects in Dreamweaver CS4, and then update the images with one click whenever the original files change — no more need to resave and reinsert images. Images are automatically web-optimized in your preferred HTML-friendly format.

Conveniently apply CSS best practices

Implement CSS best practices without writing code. Create new CSS rules in the Properties panel and get clear, simple explanations of where each property fits in the cascade of styles.

Get Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 here:

(estimated size 345 MB)

Get Serial number here: (234 B)

Install method:

1. Disconnect internet.
2. go to %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc
3. Open hosts file with text editor (notepad for example).
4. Add "" at the end of lines ("" <- don't include this (i don't know this english pronounce for this symbol ;p )) and save the file.
5. install software with SN i give.

Get Keygen here: (90.38 KB)

Crack method:
1. Disconnect internet.
2. Disable AntiVirus or exclude keygen for AntiVirus real time protection scan (don't worry, keygen is safe).
3. Run keygen n click patch host file.
4. Install software n insert SN from keygen.

(These 2 method are same, although first method is manual...)
(some AntiVirus will detect keygen as virus, ignore it coz it's not virus... proved safe when i use this keygen)

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