Windows XP SP3 ENG on Acer Aspire One 2009

Windows XP SP3 ENG on Acer Aspire One 2009

Size: 741 Mb
Image established and adjusted by OS Windows XP SP3 Eng for Acer Aspire One
- Image established and adjusted is made by OS Windows XP SP3 Eng.
- Assembly of a disk on Symantec Norton Ghost 8 (*.gho).
- Assembly WinXP SP3 undertook a basis from C400 (Original WinXP about the driver-pak)

From changes:
- In assembly the Information and Support, Themes of registration (it is left classical) are removed only.
- There are all updatings and additions (.Net, DX9, Silverlight, IE7, WMP11) on the end of 2008 Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java, the archiver 7-Zip.

From adjustments:
- It Is disconnected SWAP, service of Restoration of system (we save space);
- In «C:/Program Files» the utility autologon.exe for an automatic input in system (without input of the password).
Just in case, the password of Administrator – 123.
How to install:
Besides the image (*.gho, lays in a folder ". \PROC \EXTRA \ ") the script of installation and auxiliary files (DOS-FS, HPFormatTools, itself Ghost) is attached.
1) it is enough to you to insert flash-drive and to start the script setup.cmd;
2) Further specify the letter of yours flash-drive;
3) Wait for end of installation (happens, during performance the mistake gets out anything terrible, we press to continue;
4) It is inserted flash-drive in ours Acer, at loading BIOS we press F12 and our flash-store is chosen in the menu of loading. If the previous steps are made truly we shall see standard console DOS'a, like C: \>
5) We Start utility Ghost, having typed in the console "ghost"
6) Is started itself Symantec Ghost. Further under the menu: Local>> Disk>> From Image there Is a dialogue window of a choice of an image. We find ours *.gho (actively we press key Tab for transition on elements), Open, there is a window of a choice of section of a disk, choose our basic disk on Acer where the system will be written down, well and further already we confirm the decision of restoration of an image. We wait for minutes 6 and it is ready.

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