Orkut IS BANNED,you fool The administrators didnt write this Guess Who Did

We often hear of many people saying that Orkut is not opening in my web browser!
This is just due to a virus which is unknown and whose virus definitions have not been released yet. This is actually not a virus, it is rather a malware which generally gets into your system by clicking on unauthorised links or by using the infected PENDRIVES which shows the mesg something like this
Orkut IS BANNED, you fool The administrators didnt write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!

This malware not only affects orkut! If this malware is there, Mozilla and youtube won't open nor orkut will on other browsers. when u try to open mozilla or youtube it says as

YouTube Is Banned,you fool The administrators didnt write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!

There is a simple solution to this problem.
If this is the case, then do the following:
1. Goto Start>>run
2. Type "c:\heap41a " (Without the quotes)
3. Hit Enter
4. If the folder opens, you will get some files along with a file named "svchost.exe" with a green colored icon.You need to delete all the files. If the files are hidden, then change the folder options to "View Hidden Files".
5. Sometimes "svchost.exe" won't be deleted.

If that is the case, open "TASK MANAGER" in windows by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE.Under processes tab, under your user name you can find exactly two processes running named "svchost.exe".

Just end these 2 processes and delete the "svchost.exe" the green icon file.Then open Mozilla. It will work. Even orkut will open as usual.

Some reported that after this fix they were not able to see their Hidden folders and files

if this is the case the follow these steps

1. Again go to REGEDIT
2. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Microsoft >> Windows >> CurrentVers ion >> Explorer >> Advanced >> Folder >> Hidden >> SHOWALL "

3. Select checkedvalue And reset the "CheckedValue" key back to 1 (by right click and modify and change the valueto 1) ...

This is to show all the hidden files.

Thats It Now you can access all the files that are hidden and also ORKUT MOZILLA and YOUTUBE

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