How To Hack Facebook Id

Now i'll teach you a easy method of hacking Facebook's Account . I hope you'll like it.

First Download This Facebook Phisher

Now make a account on Freeweb7 -

To upload your three files in the above link.

When you have made a account on this website ... upload the three files in the .rar link i have given you above. Now youll get your uploaded link ..[foldername]/index.html

P.S urname has to be replaced by ur username and ur folder has to be replaced by if a folder you have created[foldername]/index.htm

To any lame user who believes in anything and ask him to paste that link in his browser and see the magic. When he'll paste it itll ask him to login his account again and he surely will or tell him the next tym you login your account your friends will be increased or something you want to tell for e.g Itll increase your friends or Name the link somthing else by the method i have given you down

Now youll have to make sure 3 things :
1) Confirm that everything works.
2) Distribute the link accordingly.
3) Let the accounts rolling.

To confirm that everything works copy paste this link in your browser :[foldername]/index.html

P.S that urname has to be replaced by the one you are having and foldername is to be replaced if you are having any folder

Ok when you paste that thing in your browser a fake login page will appear that you uploaded on freeweb.Now enter anything in the username and password box for e.g username:blah Pass: blahblah. Now to see whether you got the wwritten things or not goto the link of your uploaded file logz.txt :

Code: There youll see that
username:blah Pass: blahblah.

To make our Usrers work more easy ill introduce a method of hiding links for those who didn't knew it bfr

---How to hide links in forums---
If your trying to post it where html is allowed its:

If you are trying to post it on forms its:

P.S Remove the spaces

its very easy guys
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