Windows Tiny Vista 700 mb Retail ISO Pack


This is a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate that has been stripped of all the, let's not lie, crap it has...

The overall install took me 10minutes on my laptop with 1gb of ram It only used 5gb of my hardrive unlike the 17gb vista usually does...

If you want the nice look and workings of Vista but have a computer without the specs...
Look no further!!!! Tiny Vista Ultimate is your option
This has the vista aero theme and looks and works just like vista...
To put it short i installed this onto VMware and gave it 128mb or ram and it installed perfectly...
When I gave it 512mb it ran smoother then my xp does on my 2gb computer...

No Activation needed

256mb RAM
16mb Video Card
CPU: Tested on many and none have failed Even my 9yr old pc could install it



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