Download Mobile Anti-theft software

Are you afraid of your mobile being stolen....??
Here's a Solution for it.
Now just Relax and even if it happens just call the thief and tell him to return it back to you.

iTs, true even i got my mobile back after being stolen TWICE.
what the thief will do after stealing a mobile??
he will take ur sim out and put his own sim in the mobile...
here he is caught.
as soon as the person will put his sim and switch on the mobile, the software will send sms
automatically on your stored mobile number, mentioning the mobile number of the thief. the mobile will
then ring a loud siren, and will show him a blank black screen.
And you'll get a sms mentioning -
"msg from the stolen phone, Dont worry your phone it locked".
the poor guy is unknown about all this happening, and you can either call him directly or can tell the police to do the task... for this,
All you have to do is to just install the software in your fone memory (and not the memory card, so that it can warn you even after the memory card has been removed). after installation it will automatically show u a digit (serial no. from which u can register it. REMEMBER, it will show the digits only once. so better to note it down on a piece of a paper to avoid problem) now after being finished it will ask for password to open it. its by-default passwords is four times ZERO (0). you can change it afterwards accordingly. Now you can enter your name and desired
mobile number on which you want to get sms by the thief's sim.
((( NOTE: it works on NOKiA ।sis supported s60 series like 6600, N70, N72, N73 etc )))

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