Building a Server with FreeBSD 7

Building a Server with FreeBSD 7
* Paperback: 288 pages
* Publisher: No Starch Press (April 1, 2008)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 159327145X
FreeBSD is regarded as one of the fastest, most stable, and widely supported UNIX-based operating systems available. FreeBSD is used to run servers at powerhouses like Yahoo! This book contains installation guides to some of the most popular and powerful third-party server applications available–rivaling top-notch commercial software.
The Internet has become a valuable resource—it is a communication medium, an entertainment channel, a learning instrument—the list is endless. This virtual world is run by interconnected servers throughout the globe. The operating systems we use everyday on our PCs cater to the general population. Server operating systems, however, are not originally designed to accommodate this demographic. Those of us with a need or desire to setup an Internet server are left with two options:
1. Hire an expensive consultant or
2. Undertake the task ourselves
This book provides a means to the latter. The most difficult aspect of building an Internet server is the initial software installation and configuration. This book was designed to tackle this problem systematically and minimize time spent.
Internet servers are an important business instrument. They store files, serve web pages, relay e-mail; the list goes on. Commercial server software can cost thousands of dollars in licensing fees. Open source software is a cost effective alternative because it’s completely free to use, powerful, and well supported.

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