SafeHouse Explorer: Hide, Lock and Encrypt Files and Folders in USB.

We use our USB drive to carry the data we have from one place to another, but not always you are sure that your data is completely protected. Data on ipod, removable drives, memory cards and portable media can be hidden, locked and also encrypted with a freeware.

SafeHouse Explorer will protect your documents, photos, videos, spreadsheets on you USB and other Portable medias. It's really easy to use. Just simple drag-and-drop files in the application and it will encrypt, hide or lock the file. There are tons of settings and configurations to choose from.

Your data is in safe protection thanks to the super strong 128-bit advanced encryption. And best of all, this is a portable app which means you can run it directly from your USB drive.
SafeHouse Explorer is a very good tool for hiding and encrypting data from others.

download SafeHouse Explorer from here: Download SafeHouse Explorer
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